Friday, August 18, 2017

Learning the Basics in Basketball

Basketball is a game that attracts a wide range of athletes. This type of ball game needs discipline, continuous practice and a good physical fitness. This game requires a good teamwork and the appropriate attitude in order to win the game. Basketball originated from Massachusetts around the year 1891. The man behind this popular ball game was James Naismith, an instructor of physical education in the YMCA training school. During his time, he was asked by his superior to create an athletic activity that can be played inside a gym during a winter season. With his creative and unique idea, the game called basketball was created.

What are the general principles of this game? Basketball is composed of ten players, which are divided into two teams. There will only be five players for each team. The goal of the team is to throw a ball into the opponent’s basket and defend their basket from the opponent’s ball. The ball, as part of the game, can be passed, thrown, and dribbled in various directions. What are the basic equipments used in basketball? First, you need to have a ball. This must be spherical in shape and made of rubber and leather. The diameter of a standard ball should not be less than 75 centimeters and not more than 78 centimeters with a weight of 600 grams to 650 grams. Another material needed in the game is the ring. This must be made of an iron that is placed on a backboard that rises 3.05 meters above the floor. The standard diameter of the basketball ring is 20 millimeters. Another material necessary for the game is the net. This must be white and must be attached with the ring. The average length of the net is 40 centimeters. The net served as an indicator as the ball passes through the ring. The last equipment that you need before playing basketball is the court. This must be rectangular in shape and is free from any debris to prevent injury. The average length of the court is 28 meters with a width of 15 meters.

What are the basic skills needed when playing the game? Basketball is a fun game that can be played on your backyard, playground, or inside a gymnasium. The basic and complex skills of this game are pleasurable among players because it creates meaningful challenges and rewards. Basic skills involve dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding. While the complex skill, is the mixture of different movements to gain points in the game. To be a successful basketball player you need to have a constant practice. Here are some tips on how to improve your moves and skills. First, you need to practice dribbling without looking at the ball. Next, you need to dribble in place and start moving around the court. You can either use your left or right hand when dribbling the ball. If you have a partner you can practice overhead and chest passes from a short distance then gradually move away from the wall. Next, you need to practice on several lay-ups a few feet away from the ring. You can perform this either from the center or from the right or left side. When you get more familiar with the court, try to practice the lay-up procedure using your left hand when in the right side, and the right hand when you are in the left side. Next, you must practice on jump-shots. You need to perform this move in place several times then increase the distance gradually.

Another important move is the set-shot. This must be practice several times near the goal. This may be done from different parts of the court. When you get familiar with this step gradually increase the distance. The last step for you to practice is the pivoting. This move is very important, especially before you can pass the ball to your teammates. Practice this move by using your left or right foot with or without a partner. If you are practicing with a partner as a guard, remember to maintain the body between the ball and the partner.

What are the common violations made by novice players? First is, double dribbling. A player shall not dribble the ball the second time after the end of the first dribble or when the player uses both hands upon dribbling. Another common violation is traveling. This is when the player runs or walks with the ball without dribbling or passing it to another player.