Friday, August 18, 2017

A Helping Hand for the Dolphins

A story was once told from the Greek mythology about Delphin, a faithful dolphin servant of the god of the sea known as Poseidon. Delphin was asked to find a nymph named Amphitrite to persuade her to marry his master Poseidon. Delphin was then successful in doing such service asked by him and as a reward for what he did, he was then placed as one of the constellation stars. As we know, dolphins are small whales; they belong to the group of cetaceans, and they are mammals like us. We describe them as a swift, intelligent, energetic and playful creature that we see them, mostly near people, and that we believe that they live in harmony with us humans. Some stories were even told that dolphins help a fisherman away from being attack by sharks or lead them to shore. These are just similar to the Greek Mythology story of Delphin helping others, but in fact, they do help us even in our present day that we should be grateful for these sea creatures.

Dolphins help us by doing vital things in our ecosystem and in our environment. As predators, they consume squids and fishes. Therefore, help maintain balance of population in our eco system. And to our environment health; for the dolphins are good natural indicators, to say that they are important to the environment. Unfortunately, these beautiful majestic creatures are now included as one of the endangered species. There are numerous factors that put their lives in danger or worse take their lives and the top reason for this catastrophe is our human activities. Three major activities we human caused that put the dolphins’ lives in danger are tuna fishing, human pollution and coral destruction. In tuna fishing, Dolphins as mammals breathe air through their lungs instead of gills, which meant they need to resurface above water to breathe air. They can hold their breath underwater for 4-10 minutes at most, and if they don’t they die. One cause of this is our human activity of fishing using fishing nets. The dolphins most likely get caught in the fishing net because they try to pursue tuna fishes which we, humans catch. With this they get caught and then entangled in the net causing their death. The other cause of their death is Human Pollution; our human waists if consumed by dolphins may poison them or affects their senses resulting to confusion, which makes them easy prey for the other carnivore sea creatures, especially the sharks. Lastly, we all know how important coral reefs to all water creatures. As we all know coral reefs are the natural habitat to a wide variety of fish providing them food, shelter and protection. Clearly, destruction to this natural habitat will lead to the destruction of the reef fishes hence affecting the food for the dolphins.

With this, it is sad to say that dolphins are at risk of dying everyday and if this continues on, then surely dolphins will become extinct. We as humans have to find ways to stop the diminishing of the dolphins. One way to do this is to provide information about how important the dolphins are to us. Let all people be aware of the role played by the dolphins in helping us in various ways as stated earlier. We as human beings have the obligation and the responsibility to save the dolphins because in saving them, we are also saving ourselves.

As Poseidon was helped by Delphin and rewarded him to be as one of the stars of the constellation, so as we, humans must reward the dolphins by saving and preserving their lives. With this, we give a helping hand.