Friday, August 18, 2017

The Wonderful Places of Massachusetts USA

Massachusetts USA has now been known as the leader in education, health care technology, high technology and financial services. The oldest institution of higher learning in the US is in Harvard University (1636). The America’s outrageous cases of mass craze was in Salem MA (1692), they call it Salem witch trials. Before the American civil war, Massachusetts has been the centre of temperance, transcendentalists, and abolitionists movements. The Flower Delivery in Massachusetts gives you the freshest flowers directly from farms.

Nicknames: The Bay State, The Old Colony State, the Codfish State
Motto: By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty
Official Language:  none
Time Zone: Eastern: UTC -5/-4  
Capital City: Boston
Largest City: Boston
Largest Metro: Greater Boston
Religion: Christian, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagans, Hindus, Seventh Day Adventist, Muslim, Mormons, United Church of Christ, Episcopal church.

Tourist Attractions and Destinations or Tourist Spots in Massachusetts, USA

1.     Titanic Museum – Located at Indian Orchard, get to know all about the history of the Titanic ship that sank on 1912.

2.     Lizzie Borden bed and Breakfast – check in a hotel that has a death theme. The hotel is located at Fall River, Massachusetts.

3.     The Mapparium – At Boston, you can find large glass sphere that tourists and visitors can have a geographic view of the world.

4.     The Ether Dome- this is a historic site wherein the use of anaesthesia is being used in a surgical procedure for the first time.

5.     Jordan’s Furniture (Mardi gras show) – affordable living room sets, free multimedia extravaganza, IMAX theatres, music and shows.

6.     Lizzi Borden Murderabilia at Fall River MA – you get to see the relics of the bloody event in the mansion. Lizzie has been accused of murdering her dad and step-mom in their house.

7.     Bewitched Statue – Located at Salem Massachusetts, you can find the spellbinding star of “Bewitched” statue, Elizabeth Montgomery that has been donated by TV Land.

8.     Witch Museum (Salem, MA) – it is located at the site of the witch trials in 1692. It has a dungeon, witch trial re-enactment, and with attractions.

9.     Bicentennial Giant Chair (Gardner) – This has been known as the “Chair City of the World” (1905). It is 20 feet high and weighs 3,000 pounds.

10.     Nash Dino Land (South Hadley) – dinosaur statue remains and gift shops.