Friday, August 18, 2017


A sport is a physical entertainment for humans coming from all walks of life. It is considered to be social in nature. This is very true because as we join any sport we tend to socialize with other players. Sport is created by the early people for us humans to enjoy life. It is not only the social aspect that has the chance to improve when we get into any form of sport but also our physical and emotional aspect. Experts said that when you are into any sport you will have the higher chance of having a positive attitude in life. Sport is the unlimited form of a challenge that stimulates us humans to succeed. There is no such person that is considered to be perfect in any form of sport. They may be the best, but they still need to attain some degree of skills to advance from one level into another and so on.

 Fitness, just like performing any form of exercise, is one of the desired outcomes of sports. There are different types of sports that can bring fitness into the different aspect of a man. Let us bring out the top four examples. First is the most famous game worldwide which is basketball. This game is composed of five players in each team (two teams per game). The team gains a score by shooting a ball through the ten foot (standard height) ring. The team that owns the highest score at the last round of the game wins. This game started around the year 1891 by a Canadian physical educator. His idea about the game basketball popped out into his mind when he cannot think of any outdoor activities for his students during winter. One day he got the idea of this indoor game (basketball) which is a good way of making his students occupied during the cold season. This was also a good sport to have a good level of fitness. During the early times, the majority among basketball players were males. Few years later (around the year 1892) the women’s basketball team began. In the women’s game same rules are still followed.  

Basketball is indeed the most accepted sport around the globe because it is easy to learn, and you only need few types of equipment to play the game (players outfit, a ball, and a ring). When you are playing basketball it will make most of your muscles move. The common parts of our body involve in this game is our arms, hands, legs, feet, and of course our mind. Body mechanics are also evident in this sport to have a proper body alignment to prevent muscle strains.  

The next game is tennis. This is also common to young and mid adults. This sport may really require a bigger area for you to play. Aside from the actual court size, you also need to add some little free space for the players to run. Before you play you need to have racket, three tennis balls, and a good court. Points are earned through wining shots. Hitting the ball harder is an advantage for the player. Tennis is played in different ways. You can play it in a single game or in doubles. In a game of doubles you need to pick your partner for the game. There are several muscles involved in this game. This includes the arm and forearm muscles, the thigh muscles, and the abdominal muscles. This game is considered to be a moderate type of sport because you can play this game with less effort unlike basketball.  

The next sport is soccer. This is common to European and African people. In this game, you also need a larger space. Common forms of a football arena are made of grass. Soccer players gain points by kicking a ball and targeting it into the opponent’s goal. This is really a tough game because it will require a lot of effort for you to win points. This is just like basketball in which it has two teams per game. The team who has the highest score at the end of the game wins.   

The next sport is badminton. This is an indoor game. This game is common in places with a winter season. This game was invented by the early soldiers. This was a form of entertainment for German soldiers during the old war. Just like tennis this game is considered to be a moderate sport. This can be played in a minimal effort. This is an appropriate game for those mid adults. To play badminton it requires several muscles like the forearm, arms, and leg, foot, and shoulder muscles for you to play.