Certified Diamonds – GIA, EGL, AGS, Which Diamond Grading Lab is Best?

There are many opinions within the jewellery trade about which grading lab is greatest when selecting a diamond. The difficulty with these opinions is that they are often jaded as a result of the particular person/enterprise providing you with the opinion desires to promote you their diamond. Their opinion on which grading lab is greatest is determined by what lab has graded their diamond, how handy is that? In the event that they personal a diamond licensed by EGL then they inform you that EGL is greatest, if they’ve one other diamond owned by GIA then GIA is greatest. These are biased opinions and you ought to be very cautious as to how a lot weight is given to them throughout your determination making course of.

How are diamonds licensed?
The “Large Three” grading laboratories as I wish to name them have comparable processes for certifying diamonds. This course of includes a number of Graduate Gemologists independently assessing and agreeing on the colour, readability, and carat weight of the diamond. This helps scale back the chance for human error when figuring out the ultimate grade for the diamond, though it does not get rid of it. You need to take into account the undeniable fact that there isn’t a precise science behind diamond grading. I do know the grading methods sound official and science like however they’re actually aren’t. Ponder this assertion for a second, “No two diamonds are precisely alike.” With that being mentioned, how may two totally different diamonds which aren’t precisely alike be graded precisely alike? In actuality they can not be.

The opposite essential reality is that the ultimate high quality grades are selections or opinions not scientific calculations. So if they’re opinions and each diamond is graded by totally different labs and totally different graders then how may there be any consistency? Reality be identified, grading labs have a troublesome time with that, no matter which lab you speaking about. As an instance for instance, that you simply ship a 鑽石gia for certification and it comes again carat weight – .50ct, clarity-SI2, Shade-H. Then, you throw away the certification and ship the diamond again for a second grading as if it have been by no means graded earlier than. The prospect of it coming again SI2, H once more might be 80% and 20% that it will come again totally different. So the grading and certification course of is considerably flawed to start with. If you cannot get one grading lab to constantly agree with its personal grades, how may you anticipate different labs to agree with one other? Once more, there is no simple reply to that query and as an trade we nonetheless haven’t got it found out.

From a client standpoint the most effective strategy to purchasing a diamond is to make use of your greatest judgment. Learn the grading report from no matter lab licensed the diamond and study each the diamond and the certification. Use the certification as a rule of thumb or a place to begin, do not use it as the tip all be all. Find out how the grading system works after which evaluate diamonds aspect by aspect beneath the microscope and resolve for your self which diamond seems to be higher.

GIA, EGL, AGS, GIA – Gemological Institute of America EGL – European Gemological Laboratory AGS – American Gem Society
Just lately, GIA appears to have the most effective popularity for grading diamonds precisely. I problem this as a result of I’ve seen and in contrast many diamonds from all three labs and witnessed inaccuracies in GIA grades as typically as EGL and AGS. I imagine that GIA, EGL, and AGS are the three greatest options for buying diamonds nevertheless, I do not really feel one is best than the opposite. One attention-grabbing reality is that you’re going to pay 15% extra (on common) for a diamond licensed by GIA as a result of their popularity seems higher than different labs. The issue with that’s that EGL and AGS are completely able to grading a diamond as precisely as GIA, and often do. So if that’s the case, then why would pay extra for a GIA licensed diamond that has the identical grade as an EGL or AGS diamond? The reply is that you simply should not! Among the finest offers within the jewellery trade is a diamond licensed by EGL; it’s because some jewelers assume that EGL is not graded as conservatively as a GIA. Ultimately many jewelers value an EGL licensed diamond at lower than GIA or AGS stones. This I imagine is a mistake as a result of in my expertise the grading for all three labs is analogous. For a client although, buying an EGL licensed diamond is a superb alternative to purchase a effectively graded diamond for a lot lower than you need to.

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